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Welcome to the Learning Center


The Learning Center (LC) is the place where you can hone your tobacco control advocacy skills. The modules contained in the Learning Center will help you make positive changes in your community’s environment. Below are brief descriptions of each LC module. You can follow the Inform Me – Show Me – Watch Me sequence for each module or skip to the sections that appear to be most valuable. The Tutorial will help you make the most of your time in the Learning Center.

Learn how to navigate the LC modules and how to find specific and related information on each topic. Take this quick tutorial to get the most out of the learning center.

Build a Coalition

Worried about whether or not you have the ability to build an effective tobacco coalition? Try this section of the learning center to learn how to review coalition activities and define roles, recruit members, create a team, develop leadership, and sustain involvement within your own coalition. Not only will you be able to read about successful coalition-building, but you will gain hands-on experience by completing the “watch me” section of this piece.

Policy AdvocacyApple

You can influence the health of your community through successful policy advocacy efforts. Public and private policies are an effective means to influence population health. In this learning module you will learn to recognize types of policy and therefore policy change opportunities, the principles of policy advocacy, the basic steps to affect policy change in your community and much more. Case studies demonstrate effective policy advocacy strategies.

Media Advocacy

Media advocacy is a key intervention strategy that helps influence community and social norms around the use of tobacco. The opinions of newspaper readership, television viewers and radio listeners are influenced by the messages and news they hear through these media. In this learning module, you will learn how to define media advocacy objectives, choose effective media strategies, prepare and implement a plan for media advocacy and evaluate the results of your media advocacy efforts.

Tobacco Basics

This learning module provides historic tobacco prevention and control background that helps tobacco control workers better understand the context for community interventions; describes the rationale for policy or environmental approaches to tobacco control; describes the physiological effects of tobacco on the human body; reviews the CDC Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs (including the four basic goals and nine essential components of a comprehensive program); and details intervention approaches and the community environments within which these interventions take place.

Program Planning and Evaluation

This section introduces the basic components for effective program planning and evaluation in conducting tobacco education and prevention work. The plan you develop will act as your road map, showing you the way to making a difference in your community. Evaluating your plan will tell you whether your program is going in the right direction. Planning and evaluation go hand in hand throughout the process.

Eliminating Disparities

This lesson will help you better understand definitions and principles behind public health strategies to eliminate disparities in health status among populations that may bare disproportionate disease or health risk burden. You will learn how to acknowledge, identify and assess the needs of diverse population groups and how to develop culturally competent coalitions and intervention strategies to engage groups with disproportionate tobacco-related disease or health risk burden.

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